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We’re taking our talents to Cleveland.

It’s true.

First of all, sorry for doing THE MOST with this copy of the Lebron Sports Illustrated cover but I just COULD NOT HELP MYSELF. Also, photographer friends, please forgive this rather janky photo taken in front of a sheet in our living room with the Stage Light setting on Tom’s phone… it’s some real non-pro level work right there but what can ya do?!

When it comes to why we’re moving home, first of all DUH. We’re huge CLE boosters, first of all. We’ve always wanted to come back, and we made no secret of that over the years, but we wanted a solid reason to make the move, something that made it impossible to choose any other place but our hometown, and that reason became clear when, after making a decision to chase one of the biggest dreams for himself he dared to dream, endless lessons with some of the best classical guitarists in the world, and hours upon hours of daily practice over the course of the last two years to get himself back into fighting shape behind his classical guitar, Tom accepted the invitation to enter the Master of Music in Classical Guitar program at the Cleveland Institute of Music this fall. The application and audition process were honestly grueling (academia, especially the music end of it, can be a LOT), and had us flying around the country this February and March, with the end result being a beyond difficult choice between amazing schools that ended with Tom choosing Cleveland, not because it’s the city of our hearts, but because the program is just… BEYOND. If you don’t know who Colin Davin and Jason Vieaux are, first of all, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! and second, GO TO YOUTUBE THIS SECOND.

I’ll wait.

Okay, fine. I’ll just give them to you here.

So now you understand two of the biggest reasons why it HAD to be CIM. The fact that the choice set us directly in the center of the people and places we love the most was the manhattan-soaked Luxardo cherry on top of what were some of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced down together. I’d like to say that Tom was the biggest factor here, but honestly, once we got to those auditions, he was one cool customer and I was A TRAINWRECK – I’m not used to being on that side of the coin, and I must say that being someone who loves and supports a performer has it SO much tougher than a performer in so many ways! #thanksmom #blessed

So now you know, and WHEW is the secret a weight off of our shoulders! It’s been 15 years since I have lived in Cleveland, and I’m excited to get to know and fall in love with my city again. Cleveland creatives, feminists, businesswomen (and men I guess *sigh), give us a call because we’re hungry to bring what we can to The Land. We’ve locked down a gorgeous apartment (in the Terminal Tower no less), the movers are booked, the cats have no idea and are going to be so pissed. All that’s left to do is savor every minute of pre-back-to-school time Tom has, consume the maximum amount of queso, BBQ, and margaritas possible for two humans, and brace ourselves for yet another heartbreaking goodbye to yet another (hi NYC) city full of people (Thomas S, Clara, Caroline, Nina, Banzo, Rob, Gloria, Sam P, Arlo, Gigi, Ashley, Levi, Samantha, Thomas G, Patron, Ninja, Ben, Emy, Sam G, Alex, Mayra, Rhea, Kris, Mikayla, Lizzy, Dave, James, Rob, Derek, Loren, Richie, James, Luca, Amber, Vivianne, Mama Rocha, Lara, Meg, Joseph, Nicole, Lucas, and so many other names that my head is swirling too much to have the wherewithal to remember right now) we love so, so, so, so, so, so, SO much.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are coming.




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2 thoughts on “We’re taking our talents to Cleveland.

  1. Shannon Fabec on said:

    Whaaaaaaaaat???? This. Is. AWESOME!! I call dibs for brunch at Barrio!

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