all sparkly and shit


…can’t stop what you fear from existing.

…will get you nowhere.

…laughs at racist or sexist jokes instead of speaking up about them.

…will hold you back in every aspect of your life.

…tells little boys they can’t cry and little girls they can’t think for themselves.

…loves company.

…makes a cop see a ‘thug’ in a boy wearing a hoodie.

…dances on the grave of your creativity.

…is what elected a flaming nightmare cheese turd to office, is what makes a man turn into a flaming nightmare cheese turd in the first place, and is also what makes his father and his father and his father do the same thing.

…isn’t an excuse.

…when overcome, can lead you to greater things than you could dare to imagine for yourself and others.

…keeps you from understanding those around you.

…uses ‘gay’, ‘retarded’, and ‘f-gg-t’ as its go-to pejoratives.

…usually represents something entirely different from what it is actually focused on.

…is strengthened by depression and anxiety.

…is a reprehensible weakness when left unchecked.

…won’t stop the people around you from overcoming their fears and rising above you as you’re stuck in yours.

…is seductively comfortable.

…makes you look ridiculous sometimes.

…blames the less privileged for what they face, citing bootstraps the lower class is never offered as the solution.

…looks right through and ignores women past their ‘last fuckable day’.

…held me back, personally, in so many aspects.  For years.

…can always be overcome.

…throws up your defenses when faced with your racism, biases, and prejudices, and must be pushed aside in order to learn better.

…isn’t worth your energy and time.

…keeps you in your pew while your church endeavors to take away the rights of others in the name of a silent god, despite a government built on the idea of the importance of the separation of church and state.

…sees a person with a body bigger than theirs and sneers, shudders, comments on it, or makes fun of it.

…is eliminated with education and empathy.

…drives the bully on the playground and holds back the kids doing nothing to stop it.

…laughs at your dreams as it simultaneously rips them away.

…stares at people who are different from it.

…makes people shout ‘I’m not racist/ableist/sexist!’ and shut down instead of examining their actions, when we all inevitably have prejudices.

…is a challenge that should be met with courage.

…is a choice.

…keeps female hands down and mouths quiet in classes and meetings amid boisterous, outspoken males blissfully unaware of their unquestioned, fear-free privilege.

…steals your joy.

…is something you should be patient with yourself, to an extent, on overcoming.

…sees what minorities face and will do anything to make sure to not lose a drop of power, no matter what awful things are done to ensure it.

…begets change.

…wonders why trans people want to use the restroom of their choice, when simply looking at and listening to a person speaks to exactly where they belong, ‘bathroom bill’ or no.

…makes a sheep look like a lion.

…writes insanely mean shit on the internet, because it can.

…is the reason marginalized people are marginalized in the first place.

…affects everyone, old and young.

…catcalls a woman on the street, because it makes him feel big.

…is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you’re fighting it.

…clutches at its pearls at the mention of an LGBTQIA person and grabs its purse at the sight of a person of color.

…never stops trying to control you.

…will continue to divide us, as long as we allow it to.

…cannot prevent the tide of change, no matter how scary it might seem to some.

Fight fear.  It’s what will save us all.


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