all sparkly and shit

To those who told me I am overreacting at the election results: IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING.


No one can gaslight me or those of a similar mind on this any more – it has begun, and here is the disgusting proof.  Emboldened and strengthened by the recent political climate, the pro-life, anti-woman movement has taken away the rights in governments of both my current state, Texas,

and my state of origin, Ohio,

this month.  This MONTH.  I shudder to think what can be done to the rights of myself and others in the two years before the next midterm elections.  So YEP, I’m fired up and I’m fighting.  Yep, I’m being loud and stubborn and ‘bitchy’ (if I were male: outspoken and informed and passionate) about politics right now.  What this is NOT is an attack on you as a person, whether you agree or disagree with me.  It’s not an irrational, emotional lashing out that can be chalked up to my depression and/or background and/or female-ness.  What it IS?  My reaction to the fact that my body and my rights are being violated, and I am fighting it with everything I have, the same as anyone would if put in a similar situation.  Me simply choosing to powerfully and yet respectfully (remember, when they go low we go high) raise my voice in our democracy, whether anyone likes it or not.  And today, I used my voice to write this and to give Governor Kasich a call and tell him exactly why he should not sign the ‘Heartbeat’ bill.  If you’re with me, please – call him at (614) 466-3555 and do the same.  And whether you agree with me or not, please remember that your (if you are female/POC/handicapable/LGBTQ/atheist/Muslim etc etc etc, inveitably gaslit) voice MATTERS, as much as anyone else’s.  You MATTER.



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