all sparkly and shit

Once Upon a Trip to Cleveland…

…a couple of Brooklyn to Austin semi-hipster royalty with matching man & lady buns boarded a plane headed for a very magical land.


cleveland is magical

They left their worries and commitments and behind them in the swelteringly hot desert of their home as they flew through the sky toward the Midwest, their land’s most peaceful kingdom.

On their journey, they had a very very VERY long layover in Chicago’s gigantic O’Hare airport, where they boozed, cruised, and snoozed the afternoon away, beginning their vacation right there, full of anticipation for all of the fun ahead of them.

chicago dranks

During this already-sunny time spent in the Windy City, another magical thing happened that made the afternoon so very special for the Hipster Princess… The FIRST future Queen of their land took one huge step closer to taking the throne, which made little HP weep with joy!

clinton nom

The sun shone brighter over their magic carpet to Cleveland once she had heard the news!

sunset over plane

She was so overcome with happiness that she celebrated with her people’s most famous celebration tradition… THE SELFIE.

four faces

The Hipster Prince was not so adept at this tradition, but do not fear, his joy was just as overwhelming.  You just can’t tell from the photos.

They ascended and descended down through the clouds aflame with evening light, pink and orange and purple and gold,

plane sunset

down and down until they had finally arrived:


tom back in town

The Princess greeted her army of knights, recently returned from a long battle against the forces of evil that originated in the State of Gold, shedding a single crystalline tear as she embraced them all, thanking them for their feats of skill and bravery.

hug the cavs.jpeg

They visited the palaces of their childhoods, spending time with their respective royal families, including Ariana, Fairy Princess of Everything Awesome,

ari and oma

Mama Kitty, the mother of their beloved court jesters back in Austin,

mama kitty

the Princess’ mother,


and danced by the shores of their home.

lake erie

They traveled to one of their favorite kingdoms, called Ohio City, too!

This place was home to many wonders, and so they savored some of their favorite treats, more delicious than is possible to imagine,

point at mitchells

they celebrated the kingdom’s diversity and open-mindedness,

flags over ohio city

the Price inscribed upon himself the crest of his people, the Jedi and The Republic, and the words of his great Jedi teacher, Yoda,

tom's new tat

and they floated home, full of Great Lakes brew and the loveliness of their trip so far.

sunset over 71

This trip had a purpose, though, and so they gathered their friends and loaded up the caravan to travel many hours and many miles, encountering many trolls and demons along the way, like ‘Jeffy’,


to arrive in Petoskey, Michigan,


just in time to attend the ball being held to celebrate the nuptials of the wonderful Steel and Lindsay!

petoskey bride and groom.jpg

It was a truly wonderful party, full of love,

us at the wedding

and dear friends from near and far that they’d known and loved for many years.

BW crew with Steel

After the ball, the Prince and Princess returned home to the kingdom of Cleveland and finally traveled to the center of it all to see the king’s castle, known as the Terminal Tower, and its increasingly beautiful grounds.  They had seen it so many times before, but as it did every time, just the sight of it enthralled the Prince and Princess.

the jake

They visited the Prince’s band of knights, as they were preparing to enter the Battle of the Playoffs, and, along with the Prince’s royal family, the Count of Cleveland, and the Duke of Theatrical Productions, cheered them on to a victory!

the crew at the game

After their win, they paid their respects to the Guardians of Transportation,

guardians of transportation

visited the battleground upon which the kingdom’s greatest victory had just been won,


encountered strange, colorful creatures,

cleveland snails

danced in the magical waters of the palace,

dancin in the fountain


and basked in the glow of victory.

ALL IN with Will

As all good things must, though, their wonderful journey came to an end.  As the sun set on their epic holiday in the Kingdom of Cleveland, they smiled at one another as their magic carpet to back to real life took them up, up, and away.

sunset over nowhere

The end.



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