all sparkly and shit

Things I will no longer apologize for:


  • “Too many” accessories
  • Asking for more
  • Having more
  • Being an atheist
  • Talking about my period
  • Caring too much
  • Rocking a shitton of black eyeliner during the day
  • No makeup – at all.  Not even concealer.  Or mascara.  Or lip balm.
  • Liking Arby’s
  • Being angry and showing it
  • Showing off my tits
  • Not showing off my tits
  • Correcting people when they use words like “gay”, “ghetto” and “retarded” in a pejorative manner
  • Hating the entire horror genre
  • Being “way too close” with my mom
  • Saying “no”
  • Not wanting children
  • Hardly liking children aside from the ones I know and love
  • Taking up space – on trains, in lines, in my clothes, on the street, everywhere
  • Getting older
  • Liking getting older
  • Not following trends #leopardprintandstudsforever
  • Changing my mind
  • Staring back at people who stare because it’s RUDE DAMMIT
  • Being a “bleeding heart liberal”
  • Loving the smell of bleach
  • Hating the idea of marriage in the traditional sense and everything it stands for
  • Being way, way, way in smooshy annoying cloying gross love with my husband
  • Not having a ‘real job’
  • Jiggling in places when I walk
  • Enjoying the feeling of jiggling in places when I walk
  • Being loud
  • Having seen every episode of SATC at least 8 times
  • Loving cheesy lyrics
  • Writing cheesy lyrics
  • Wanting to do something without Tom’s (or anyone’s) help just for the sake of doing it, dammit
  • Taking my time if I need it
  • Eating a burger because it’s what I want
  • Eating kale because it’s what I want
  • Eating what I want when I want
  • Cheering for the underdog #yankeesandgoldenstatesuck #believeland
  • HATING football
  • LOVING basketball
  • Not being “cute”, “delicate”, “sweet” or generally palatable for the average male gaze
  • Being impolite
  • Walking away from situations or relationships that aren’t good for me
  • Speaking up
  • Talking about my depression and the meds I take for it
  • Thinking that being a woman is magical
  • Thinking that being a woman is a curse
  • Not believing in magic or curses or gods or religion and still being a good person
  • Saying, no, SCREAMING “Black Lives Matter”
  • Going out
  • Not going out
  • Irish exiting
  • Not ever having had a “thigh gap” or a “bikini bridge”
  • Going first
  • Being the “dominant” one in my relationship and liking it
  • Not fitting in
  • Fucking LOVING sex
  • Being #WithHer
  • Working out. HARD.
  • Not working out
  • Sitting in the same place on the couch for hours doing nothing
  • Showing off
  • Not liking sea urchin, over easy eggs, lima beans, bloody marys, or clams
  • Wanting and enjoying power
  • Loving the size I am, right now
  • Putting my creative efforts out there to be seen and heard
  • Rolling my eyes
  • Wearing whatever the hell I want
  • Talking back to creeps on the street
  • Not caring that I haven’t seen Billy Madison or American Pie or Dumb and Dumber
  • Being a loud-and-proud feminist
  • Saying “sorry”
  • Being “that girl” – because if it’s a choice between being anyone else or being my niece doing a dying swan pose in the middle of the hallway at school while taking a picture with her friends just because she feels like it, be Ari.IMG_5300.JPG

Always be Ari.  Unapologetically.



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