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Stuck with Mount Pressmore

So.  Tom joined a band that needed a guitarist for their doom/sludge metal outfit, so he bought himself a pair of leather chaps, smeared on some face paint, picked up his 8 string, and joined a group of 3 scary-as-fuck, hairy, angry guys to scream and shred and spew blood.


Just kidding.  That would be awesome, but the reality is that he’s playing down here in Austin with

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 2.25.02 PM

Mount Pressmore, a ‘chop pop’ prog-jam-rock band (they don’t like labels, can you tell?) made up of the nicest damned musicians this side of awesome.


Mount Pressmore is (from l to r) Tom (shreds),  Thomas (Rhodes keyz n vox), Kris (hits things), Alex (slappa da bass)

Not to mention that they can play the shit out of some tunes, too.  I actually enjoy going to every.single.gig and sitting by myself, generally doing a combination of grooving/videotaping/Yoko-ing along.  I’m good at politely nodding along to music that I actually detest, so they wouldn’t need to know if I hated what they play – but dude, this shit rocks!  It’s nerdy as fuck, but that’s just the way I like it.

That being said, Tom came home from rehearsal one day talking a mile a minute about them making a video submission for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Contest, and they were going to be dressed like luchadors in masks and singlets, and they were renting a moving truck, and could they throw shit off of our balcony, and would I do some voice-overs?  I can’t say no to Tom, so after they did some filming in our parking lot & balcony and Thomas’ driveway and I did some awful screaming into a mic in our bedroom (positive the neighbors think we’re insane)…


Tom’s look-alike luchador figure likes beer almost as much as Tom does.

…the video is finished, and up on NPR’s site.  So without further ado, with Tom in his acting debut, me playing the role of shrill, bitchy ex-girlfriend (there are some people on this earth that may or may not think this wouldn’t be much of a stretch for me to play), Mr. Thomas Shaw as the world’s most serious moving dude, and Mount Pressmore as themselves as lucha libre wrestlers.  You can’t make this shit up, ladies and gentlemen – ENJOY.

“Oh no, my guys!”

OH, and please please please click the NPR link, even if you watched the embedded video above, so they can build their viewership and WIN dis shit!


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