all sparkly and shit

My Christmas gift to you…

…is years of Christmas albums with Tom and I and a bunch of our friends, topped off with the 3 new tracks we just finished creating today.  All of them are packed with amazing holiday memories, like this one with our dear love and favorite drummer Justin ‘Viking Ginger Beats’ Hofmann from 2010,


to this amazing night with Benjamin ‘The Singing Librarian’ Reid & Sasha ‘A1234’ Reid with lots of beers and so many laughs my abs hurt for days,


to last year with The King of Cleveland, the amazing Mr. Phil Carroll, and this year with Thomas ‘Beep Boop’ Shaw of Mount Pressmore fame and a VERY high tech setup in our apartment’s gym (so as not to bother our neighbors with my loudness),


it’s something we love to do every year, and I want to share it with all of you.  One song, ‘Celebrate Me Home’, is especially poignant for us this year, because we’re far away from our families – so crank up the Holiday Heavy Sixes this Christmas Eve and hug your loved ones a little closer if you’re lucky enough to be near them.  Thank you so much for an amazing year, and love to you and yours this holiday from Tom & I!


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