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THE MOVE vol. 2

Hey again!  Ready for round 2?  Yeah?  Okay then…

So, when we left you last, we were pulling away from New York, a bright, shiny new city waiting for us after a road trip adventure, which sounds fun, right?

FullSizeRender-3 copy 2

Yeah, it looks like fun!  Only this pic was taken 3 hours into the trip.  Of COURSE we’re still bright and shiny and smiling.  We had a *LOT* of driving ahead of us…

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.52.31 PM

A LOT of driving.  More specifically, 3 days’ worth.  With 2 cats in tow.


Neither of which were exactly happy to be there, but DEAL, BRATS.  Tom did basically all of the driving (because MAN STUFF, but honestly I’d rather not drive so #genderroles it is, I guess) and I served as navigator, DJ and cat referee, because oh YES there were literal cat fights.  You’d think in times of stress they’d band together and calm one another, but not this brother-sister duo.  They act like they’ve never seen one another and hiss and spit and act like fools.  Idiots.  Anyway.

That first day we made it to Columbus safe and sound right after sunset.


We got to have dinner with Tom’s parents, and then went back and crashed.

We woke up rested and ready to RAWK that second day of driving, baby!  Our goal was Little Rock, which would get us far enough along that we’d get to Austin the next day with some sunlight left – we knew it would be a pretty hardcore drive, but we were COMMITTED and hey, what could possibly go wrong, right?  LOLZ.

FullSizeRender-3 copy 3

That’s Peeber’s game face.  Pretty intimidating, right?  And that’s me smiling, because it was early and I am an optimistic idiot and I had no idea our day would go down in flames.

We cruised along for most of the day, through tons of states.  Kentucky!  Tennessee!


Such pretty skies…

And then shit got real about the 10th hour of driving.  The sun was down, Rita started pacing and crying and starting fights with her brother nonstop, Tom and I haven’t wanted to stop to eat but now it’s 10:30 and we’re starving.  We were ready to give in and get a hotel room for the night until there it was.  Goddamn Arkansas.


UUUUGGGHHH.  Can you see how tired I am by the distinctly shitty quality of this photo as compared to the others?  Yeah.  I’m basically losing my mind.  So after making it to Arkansas, we decided at that point we HAD to push through.  LITTLE ROCK OR BUST, with angry, yelling cats and tired, hungry and SUPER CRABBY humans and we all just want to get to where we’re going and and there’s nothing but contemporary Christian rock and country on the radio and OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOP.  After many more hours of driving, 12.5 total, WE MADE IT.  I checked us in to our hotel in Little Rock, and we were walking down the hall into the room, me with the suitcases and Tom carrying the cats in their carriers behind me when Rita decided NOW IS THE TIME TO LOSE HER MIND.  She throws up and pees all over herself in the carrier, then somehow unzips her case and goes TEARING down the hallway, Tom in hot pursuit, running faster than I’ve even seen him run.  I throw dear, sweet, totally freaked out Peebs and our suitcases into our room and jump back out just in time to see Tom stomping back to the room, holding stinky, puke-covered Rita by the scruff of her neck, both of their faces full of murder and terror and all things awful.  Did I mention we snuck the cats into the hotel so we wouldn’t have to pay the pet fee?  HA.  KINDA blew our cover.  Did I also mention we hadn’t eaten since breakfast?  Tom and I fell into bed, pissed off at each other for absolutely no reason, too tired to eat and too hungry to think and holy shit day three HAD to be better than this…

…and it was!  We fueled up with a huge breakfast and grabbed our favorite road drinks, 2 Monster Pure Zeros for Tom and a gigantic Sonic diet cherry limeade for me.  Cheers to A BETTER FUCKING DAY THAN YESTERDAY.


We hit Texas pretty quickly, which is totally deceiving because this state is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE and takes forever to drive across, but hell, it’s better than evil Arkansas,


and got stuck in some I-35 Austin traffic on our way into town, but damned if we didn’t have our shit and 2 calm-ish cats in our new apartment and drinks in our hands and Chuy’s (omg SO GOOD) in our bellies by 8pm!


When we got home after dinner, we cleaned up a billion piles of cat puke (they vom when they’re stressed), blew up the air mattress, Tom played some guitar (he shreds when he’s stressed), and I played some Candy Crush (ugh, I’m ashamed to admit it but it’s become my Tetris replacement and I play it when I’m stressed) in our NEW AUSTIN HOME!

FullSizeRender-3 copy 4

In our first few days in this lovely little town, we ate Torchy’s way too ofter,


stopped by the future home of my salon so I could peer in the windows like a creep,


took advantage of ridiculous touristy photo ops,


and thought we were in the clear, moving drama-wise.  That is until we realized the LCD screen in our TV was shattered in the movers’ truck somewhere between Brooklyn and Austin (but we didn’t know until we hung it days later because it’s in the TV and not visible when it’s off).


I cried.  Tom raged.  Then we threw our hands in up in the air (and waved them around like we just don’t care) and went for a drink at our new little watering hole, the Whip In – because IT CAN NEVER JUST GO SMOOTHLY!!!!  ARRRGH!!!!

FullSizeRender-3 copy 5

Cheers.  To broken TV’s and cat piss.

All of that aside, we got here in one piece, safe and sound, and we love our new home.  Room to breathe, fresh air and nature, affordable housing (with a POOL),

FullSizeRender-3 copy 6

and yes it’s HOT (I’m sweating my ass off in this pic), but there’s tons of amazing food and fun places to discover and plenty of central AC to keep even the most dedicated schvitzer (me) cool!  It’s basically Brooklyn with more cars and less attitude, lower prices and bigger skies.

IMG_1709More than anything, it’s a desperately needed different perspective, a fresh start in a new town with tons of opportunity stretching out before us.  My heart aches for our family, SO FAR AWAY in the CLE and the NYC, but know that we love you all and will come back home again soon...

We just have a city to conquer first.


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