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Tara’s rockin’ DIY Coconut Hair Mask FTW!

As most of you know, I am the BIGGEST beauty nerd.  I’ll try any at-home mix-it-yourself treatment, buy any so-called ‘miracle’ makeup item, lust after every wildly expensive anti-aging product – you name it, I’m game.  That leads to a whole lot of beauty fails (por ejemplo, the great ‘at-home bikini wax’ caper of 2004 when I basically glued my lady parts shut – for future reference, soap and water only serve to spread the wax/glue around and make you freak the hell out until you find that lotion or oil will get it off) and a handful of successes, which I do my best to pass on to you beauts so you can avoid the misses and ROCK the hits.  That being said, my fine, limp, pin-straight hair has been giving me major shit lately, getting drier by the year (it seems), growing much more slowly, and basically being lamer than ever.  I’ve found some majorly awesome fixes that I’ve come to count on, though, and I’m positive this one will do good things for you too!

I know we’ve all been hearing a lot about coconut oil lately, and I was rolling my eyes at the hippies with the rest of you, but I got a jar of this stuff and DAMN.  I’m using it as a makeup remover (it works, even on the toughest waterproof products, and is moisturizing as opposed to drying), a moisturizer (this stuff is going to be pure gold in the winter for chapped lips & hands), and best of all, a sickkkk hair mask that makes my hair look and feel uh-may-zing, and I might be crazy, but it’s growing longer & stronger.  Full disclosure: I only shampoo once a week, and to those of you who scoff, I have always dealt with an EXTREMELY oily scalp and now not only is that problem solved but my hair is more manageable, happier, and has much more body and shine.  I’m telling you, try shampooing less, even just half as much to start – after a short transition period and plenty of dry shampoo in both shake-on and spray form, you will never evah go back.  Anyway, back to the coconut goodness!

Tara’s Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Mask

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 4.04.46 PM

I simply mix 3 parts unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil & 1 part raw honey (if either aren’t in liquid form, you can warm them up a tiny bit, but be careful not to get them hot because many of their properties can be lost when heated too much), slather it on my dry, generally pretty dirty (hey, a week of workouts and products and city grit will build up after a while) mane, pin my hair up and go about my sweetly scented business.  The honey, while also moisturizing, seems to help the oil come out of my hair later, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have it – and if you have very dry hair, you may want to skip it for a more intensely moisturizing coconut-only treatment.  I also avoid my oil-prone scalp as much as possible when applying, focusing on the driest areas, but those with dry hair or dandruff issues (coconut oil has antibacterial properties that can help that oo!) may want to apply it differently.  I leave this concoction on for around a half hour, sometimes applying some gentle heat via my blow dryer – but again, my hair is oily, so adjust accordingly for your hair type.  It’s not as if you can leave it on too long, because there’s never too much of THIS good thing!  Hell, sleep in it!

Once I’ve let the oil soak in, I then hop in the shower and shampoo the oil out.  I have to tell you, this is where it gets a little tough – getting this shit out is not easy.  At all.  It takes 2 or 3 shampoos for me to get the oily residue out of my hair!  I’ll let you in on my not-so-secret miracle shampoo that makes it SO much easier to get regular buildup all the way to coconut oil out of your mane, though:

Lush Big shampoo.  SERIOUSLY.  For those who are cutting down on the frequency of their shampoos (and I HIGHLY recommend it, as I mentioned/nagged about earlier), you need a shampoo that’s going to get it CLEAN on the days you do lather up, and this stuff works. It’s unlike anything I’ve used before – it’s grainy due to the sea salt, but when you add enough water, it bursts into tons of citrusy vacation-scented lather that I’m obsessed with.  I wouldn’t recommend it for daily use due to its deep cleaning (read: potentially drying) properties and its slightly abrasive texture, but it’s the best truly clarifying, really luxurious shampoo that also happens to be vegan & organic I’ve found out there, and it works flawlessly for a once-or-twice-a-week shampooer like me.  TRY IT.  You can absolutely use any shampoo you like, though – and for hair that’s less fine and porous than mine, the leftover oil residue should be MUCH much MUCH easier to get out.  But it sounds crazy, right?  All of this shampooing will inevitably dry hair worse than before!


NAH, BRO.  One time I even had to use a little Dawn dishwashing detergent to get it out (before I figured out the honey addition) and my hair STILL felt and looked awesome.  LISTEN to the DOGE and TRY THIS MASK.  You’ll thank me later.


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