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The BIG NEWS is…

…that BIG CHANGE is afoot in the Teschke-Ray household, and I can finally tell everyone about it!  NO, I’m not pregnant.  Didn’t I tell you guys already that we’re only doing the ‘cool aunt & uncle’ thing?!  COME ON PEOPLE!  No, no babies – the big news is that we’re moving!  To Austin! (!!!)

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‘But Tara,’ you may be thinking, ‘you hate heat & humidity!’ to which I say yes, yes I do, however… I love queso, I love margaritas, I love thrift shopping, I love weirdness, and more than anything, Tom and I are BOTH ready to love a new city.  I know, I know, no other city is like good old NYC.  For many, leaving here is hard to understand, and I get it.  I know that I’ve been here forever (11 years = forever in NYC time).  I understand that this city becomes part of your identity, a piece of who you are, and that makes it so hard to leave behind, because who are you without that edge, that energy?  I realize that New York is really the only place you can do anything and get anything at any hour.  Soup dumplings at 3 am?  No problem.  Boilermakers at 10 am?  Clubbing at noon?  Sure, our 22-year-old selves were totally down for ALL of that!

But the thing is, we haven’t ordered food at 3am for a loooong time, we detest ‘clubs’, and my liver can hardly handle boilermakers at all anymore, let alone in the morning.  Yes, the nightlife here is amazing, the food is second to none, and there is a shitton of diversity and culture and creativity.  However.  The tradeoffs for those perks are no longer easily dealt with for us, and my patience for the constant influx of people, attitudes, elbows, smells, gropey hands and judgy looks being thrown at me on a daily basis wanes more every day.  As much as I love this place, the city of my childhood dreams, I think I truly am ready to leave it for a new adventure, and to see who I am without this city as something to blame and to romanticize and to fall back on, as much as we both love it.


And so, after the meeting in which I said yes to this move, with its new job & new city, I locked up the salon, stepped into the cool Tribeca night air, craned my neck to look at the city towering above me, and felt completely at peace.  My head said ‘Dude, aren’t you freaking out?  Aren’t you going to miss all of this?!’, but honestly, my heart just smiled.  From that moment, I’ve been looking at this city through entirely different eyes.  Any frustrations feel easier to brush off, being overcharged and crowded out of everywhere anger me less, and yet seeing the beauties of this city, its twinkling lights and open mind, its boundless possibilities and endless energy don’t make me second guess our decision to leave one bit.  All of it just makes me smile, thinking back through the amazing decade + 1 year (DECADE, good god I’m old) I’ve had here, and wonder with excitement what our next adventure will look like.  I hope it’s just as challenging, just as magical, just as memorable – but ideally with a few less roaches?  Here’s hoping.  Either way, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU, AUSTIN!  And we are EXCITED.


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2 thoughts on “The BIG NEWS is…

  1. Natalie on said:

    Stumbled upon you from a friend’s like on Facebook. I left NYC after 9 years for Dallas one year ago and have never been happier! I had alllll your same thoughts, but the funny thing is, when I went back to NYC for a visit, I didn’t have any of that love anymore. It was just time. My life seems so much easier, I have space and a car and real grocery stores and own my place, alll mine, and can afford toilet paper! People laugh at the things that thrill me, but NYC makes you appreciate the small things on the outside. And don’t underestimate Texas. There’s actually quite a lot to do and super sweet people. No one pushes you out of the way! They step aside for you instead. Best of luck on your new adventure!

    • Thanks, Natalie! Oh, that’s amazing to hear – I mean, I certainly feel ready at this point, but it’s nice to know that the view is the same from the other side of the move. I am also really looking forward to a slightly more comfortable life. A car? Central AC? More than 500 sq ft of space for less than $2000?!? Heaven!

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