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The Top 5 Reasons Why Winter Rules (so stop whining!)

I can’t be the only one who loves winter.  Anybody?  Anybody?  Bueller?

No?  Well… fine.  Look, I know it’s a nightmare to deal with on the streets and sidewalks, but have you noticed that

5. everything gets quiet

in the most beautiful way?  You haven’t?  Well, stand still one winter evening outside your home and see for yourself.  The snow muffles the street sounds to gentle *shoosh*es, most people stay home so the sidewalks are peacefully empty – the whole landscape calms and quiets.  Not to mention that everywhere you go is that much less crowded, which is a total win in NYC!  No 3 hour wait at Ippudo?  YES.

One of my personal favorite things about this time of year is how

4. things are just cuter

in snow!  Come on, think about it.  Dogs?

Check.  Pandas?

Absolutely.  Cheeks and eyelashes?

Always.  Wedding parties?


Oh HELL yeah.  Rosy cheeks beat sweaty brows and pits EVERY time!

Maybe this one is just me, but IMHO, food generally tastes better in the winter.  I crave soup, chili, mac and cheese, hot chocolate – warm, snuggly food that sticks with me.  I like sushi and salads as much as the next girl, but after two weeks of summer days that are too hot to use the kitchen, I’m fed the hell UP.  I love baking in the winter, filling the house with delish smells, using the crock pot to make roasts and baking casseroles…  Dudes, admit it.

3. Winter food rules!

To go along with the yum factor that the cold brings, how could you fight the fact that it also brings

2. ALL the holidays

that you could wish for?  From Halloween to Turkey Day to Christmas & Hanukah to New Years to Valentines’ Day, this season is rife with awesome reasons to feast and be merry with friends and loved ones, and what is better than that?  Well, maybe one thing…


From my days as a kid, wishing and hoping and praying that school will get cancelled, to the subway shutting down giving adult Tara a totally legit reason to couch surf all day, watching Dance Moms and painting nails, snow days are THE best thing about winter.  I could go on and on, but people, short shorts weather will come soon enough for you freaks that love to sweat while sitting still.  So stop wishing away the present season’s awesomeness and LET’S GO SLEDDING!


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