all sparkly and shit

the Christmas spirit is alive and well and living in Brooklyn

It’s MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR and I am BOUNCING OFF OF THE WALLS with excitement – Christmas, New Years, our second anniversary, IT’S ALL HAPPENING! I love it so much that I get the HS guys to do a crappy Christmas EP every year, only this year we decided to get a liiiiiittle more professional with it, because if we can and we can *somehow* find the time, why not?! So a little beer, a little wine, and a handful of hours later, we dropped the mic on these three holiday tunes – Tom and Justin are getting so good at this engineering music stuff that they made them sound like we were a lot less tipsy than we were, but kept all the fun we had. Now that’s talent! We did ‘Please Come Home For Christmas’, a blues tune by Charles Brown also done by the Eagles, in classic cheezy fashion, a simple, super-pared-down version of ‘Merry Christmas, Darling’, and a smashy, loud cover of ‘Father Christmas’ by The Kinks featuring the vocal stylings of Phil Carroll.

So, dear ASAS readers, for this Christmas my two worlds combine! Meet my band, listen to some holiday jamz, and have a very merry Heavy Sixmas!




and Tom

Click below to rock!


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