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What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

Hey guys!

I took a bit of a break from the blogosphere there, not for any real reason, not like I got any time off of work or anything… but I’m calling it my summer vacation, because it sounds WAY MORE FUN that way, doesn’t it?  Tom and I smashed in some adventures between the work somehow – and we did some of the things I STILL hadn’t done in NYC even though I’m going on 10 years in this shitstorm of a city, like ride the Cyclone (it’s not as shaky as people say, and it’s really fun to ride, even for a coaster nerd like me who sniffs at anything below 300 feet!) in Coney Island, the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney (I’ve finally assuaged my guilt from not having been there, phew), and an outdoor movie and roller skating (SO AWESOME) in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  I also, of course, did the things I ALWAYS do, like get all punk rock in a plastic crown on unlimited mimosas at 2pm on a Sunday,


which was in celebration of my girl C’s bachelorette BASH!  You know, what with my ginger drummer, this redheaded bridey, and her stupid awesome friend and my new crush Abby, I’m starting to think that gingers are my favorites!  I mean, yeah yeah, blondes have more fun (whatever), and brunettes rock the hardest and smolder the sexiest and are generally the fiercest (I’m not biased or anything), but gingers are the SHIT.  Even her DOG is a rockin redhead!


We CLEARLY had some mimosa-fueled fun that day!  P.S. No dogs were given any alcohol in the celebrating of this bride.  I promise.


Speaking of awesome hair, my handsome hubby has been growing his out for a while now, and WHAT THE HELL.  This dude’s hair is STUPID GORGEOUS.  Asshole.


I mean seriously.  DAFUQ.  How’s a girl supposed to compete with that?!  I know what I CAN compete with, though – Tom during our sweaty in-apartment lift-fests!  He always wins, but it’s fun to try to do 1 pull-up compared to his 20.  I’ve been trying to get some jacked arms this summer, so we’ve been workin it out together.  That’s right, my friends,


FEAR THE (awkward frenchie) STACHE!  AND fear his…  ability to quote Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and Star Wars better than anyone?


And his… ability to pose like this fellow guitar player/odd little cartoon character in a mural in our ‘hood?  hm.  Maybe he’s not to be feared so much as to be high fived, because this dude is pretty awesome.  We’re clearly having too much fun this summer.


I also learned during my summer vacation that when your desk is positioned directly next to one of the AC units in your tiny apartment and your fluffy, hot Peeber kitty wants a simultaneous cool down and petting sesh, you will get VERY LITTLE WORK DONE.


Hey.  Mom.  Pet me.               Mom.                                           *stares unblinkingly*


And when THAT doesn’t work?  He does the trademark Peeber face mash on my mouse hand, making it impossible to do anything but pet him until he STOPS BUGGING ME DAMMIT.   Honestly, though, I’ll take the massage-and-AC-craving Peebster any day over crazy, crazy Rita, who has an unquenchable obsession with chewing on plastic.  Not just any plastic, but the thin kind, the kind that crunches and crinkles, like shopping bags, cellophane, and as she recently discovered,


MAXI PAD WRAPPERS.  In the middle of the night.  She somehow pulled them out from where they used to be stored in our bathroom and RAN around our apartment with a pad in her mouth like a madwoman, waking us up with the CRUNCH CRUNCH scamper scamper CRUNCH scamper CRUNCH until we had to get up, chase her around the apartment and finally wrestle the shredded lady product out of her crazed little mouth.  This cat has serious, serious issues.  *shakes head*


We also went to a baseball game, which is a summer staple for us (See?  Look how pumped we are to be at a game!)


and before you ask, YES, of COURSE it was the Mets, because BOO YANKEES FOREVER.  Note the Indians hat, because you GOTTA rep the CLE!


And I figure that if I still call it the Jake, I should probably still call this stadium Shea, right?  The game also happened to have what I consider to be quite possibly the best reason to attend a baseball game since beer and nachos:


a post game BOYZ II MEN (abcdeebeedee) CONCERT.  I DIE.  They were SO SO SO SO SO GOOD.  I was transported back to every middle school dance I ever attended and it was awesome.

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Boyz II Men are KILLING IT right now.

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I also *sort of* learned over the phone via Audrey/taught myself how to make flower crowns and boutonnieres!


I was thanking the flower gods that I was able to actually carry out the master plan I had for the wedding shower I volunteered to be the florist for (without EVER having done it before.  WHO THE F DOES THAT?!?!?) and that they lived and looked relatively nice at the event.  Amazing!  Thanks for the crafty gene, Mama!

I also did some SERIOUS vintage and thrift shopping this summer with much success – tons of great old vintage denim, great shift dresses, a pair of gorg boots, and this EPIC (super heavy!) ring,


that I am beyond obsessed with.  BROOKLYN, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR THRIFT STORES!


That brings us to the present day!  I’ll leave you with the view FROM THE SUBWAY TRAIN (the prettiest subway ride ever, I never knew the train could be anything more than smelly and nightmarish) of the sunset at (rock rock) Rockaway Beach, yet another one of our adventures, and the reminder that the summer isn’t quiiiiiiite over, so…


Get out there (with tons of sunscreen, of course) and HAVE AN ADVENTURE!


…or at least have a margarita.

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