all sparkly and shit


Yeah, that’s right.  Brit Brit knows what’s up!  These last two weeks, I have been getting shit DONE.  We now have health insurance (thanks, Mr. President!), our taxes are done, we’re both looking for and applying for possible second jobs, working on our music, and juggling a ton of other things, all while I have a cold *whine*.  Ah yes, I made it ALL THE WAY through the fall and winter with nary a sniffle, and just when I start to get cocky, BOOM.  Hello, sore throat.  You are SO NOT YESBURGERS.  Nonetheless, there’s always tons to do and there’s never enough time to do it all, so getting from point A to point B looking put together AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE is as easy as having a uniform and a 5 minute makeup look that can get you looking put together FAST!  Today?  Your uniform.

You HAVE to have a go-to look, ladies – it’s like your super-speedy armor in which you can face the world feeling confident and ready to KILL IT.  I’m talking that basic outline of a never-fail outfit that is comfortable enough to do everything you need to do in but makes you feel put together even though you got ready in 20 minutes because time got away from you while you were watching one…more…episode of Drag Race or The X Files or An Idiot Abroad or Dancing With The Stars while blogging or paying bills and now you have to leave for work STAT.  My personal uniform consists of three basic pieces:

1. A dark skinny pant (with plenty of stretch!)


2. A long, drapey tee or tank, usually with a band on it (hey, I yam who I yam and my job allows me to express my… yamness) because, as my Mama taught me, don’t give it all away up front!  Don’t wear a mini AND a low cut tank – if you go skinny and sexy on the bottom, go flowy and loose on the top.  It’s all about proportion and balance.  Keep it classy, ladies!


3. A heel that’s high enough to make my legs look longer (I need all the help I can get) but short enough so I can still walk in them after 7 hours of stomping around NYC and a salon with hard tile floors, which I found in these babies at Aldo, on sale and in really yummy leather!


Now, here’s where it gets fun!  Making your uniform work means switching it up enough that it becomes your signature style and not the same. thing. every. day.  Part of that is with your makeup and hair (more on that tomorrow), but it’s also in having a little collection of great go-to pieces that add interest to your look and distract friends, family and coworkers from the fact that you get ready in a tornado of panic and pants and purses.  It can be a scarf, a blazer, whatever makes you feel gorgeous.  I love to layer a few necklaces of varying length, metal type, and impact, but honestly, you can just grab 3 and go.  There’s nothing more chic than that ‘Oh, this?  I just threw it on…’ look, and it’ll be the truth – I LITERALLY THREW THIS ON AND RAN OUT THE DOOR.  I mean, ALL of these fab women are rocking layers of necklaces, from bold to delicate, and looking fierce:


I then toss on a stack of little rings for interest like these beauties from my local fave, Catbird:


And since I wear my little diamond studs in my ears all the time, all that’s left to do is put on my wedding & engagement ring and GO!

Your uniform could be completely different from mine, but it’s SO key to have one.  It saves you from that crappy standing in front of your closet ‘uuuuugh what am I going to wear today I have 1 minute to decide’ feeling, and guarantees that you won’t be stuck in a meh outfit that you feel less than awesome in while you’re conquering the world that day.  I mean, come on, if it’s good enough for Wonder Woman, it’s good enough for you!


Tomorrow, it’s my super-easy 5 minute face that takes me from blah to BOOM in a snap.  See you then, loves!



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