all sparkly and shit


As you can tell by this week’s title, I’ve been a BIT distracted lately.  I’ve got a lot going on (almost all good stuff, no worries there) and while that’s always a positive thing, it’s hard to sit down and write on ONE topic when there’s SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!!!  Spring is on its way, which means I want to buy buy BUY and TRY try TRY new beauty products and clothes and accessories and… Let’s just get down to business, because I’m about to blog about ALL THE THINGS.


Fact: I have been obsessed with stars since I was a little girl, with both the ones in the sky and the actual 5-pointed shape on everything, and I mean everything – I have 25 of them tattooed on my body (you’re welcome Mom) in various places.  I was wandering around H&M this week wasting a little time between appointments and BOOM.


$17.95 for these gigantic stunners!  I mean.  Come on.  Not sure where I’m going to be able to wear them, but I apologize to the retinas of whomever will be nearby because these babies SPARKLE!  You can get them for yourself (if you can HANDLE the fabulousity) at H&M now!

Speaking of fabulosity, you should all know by now that I absolutely adore Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, particularly their Lip Tars, and that I love a statement lip.  I have recently become the owner of a seemingly sweet, petal pink tube of their color Ophelia, available online, and pretty as a picture, as you can see.


However, every time I go to put it on, I CHICKEN OUT.  This is ME we’re talking about, the owner and usually-fearless wearer of orange, purple, deep maroon, neon fuschia, and so many other lip colors!  What is happening?!  Even Tom, who always supports my weirdness, was pretty hesitant about me wearing it out (‘Tom, does this make me look weird?’ ‘Um… well, I don’t think it’s appropriate for work… Or anything else…’)  It’s a totally opaque, matte light pink, SO light that it’s very Nicki Minaj-bubblegum-Barbie and just… Intense.  Here’s terrible-selfie PROOF:


It’s just SO light, guys.  Right?  Or am I nuts?  For the first time, I AM TERRIFIED OF MY LIPSTICK.  HELP.

Another recent obsession has been the artist and designer Baron Von Fancy and his graphic renderings of sayings and overheard words.  I remember learning calligraphy when I was a little girl and obsessing over the swooping, thick black ink strokes on the white paper, which probably says a lot about my penchant for a dramatic cat eye in liquid liner and any piece of clothing in black and white stripes.  I love all of his work, but one of my favorites has to be this one:


because, duh.  Don’t.  Just don’t.  So follow him on Instagram and Tumblr and get your daily dose of beauty and truth, two of the three most important things in life.  Pers opins, of course.

Of course last weekend was the Oscars (my Super Bowl) which I simply HAD to watch with my ladylove Sasha with PJs in bed with sushi and champagne.  She kicked my ASS when it came to guessing the winners, but no surprise there, because girl’s a pretty serious contender when it comes to basically everything.


Consider my ass KICKED.

As those of who know me will tell you, I am an unapologetic Beyonce fangirl, and I came across a new campaign she is supporting that I am ALL ABOUT and had to share with all of you.  It’s called Ban Bossy, and it’s all about the empowerment of little girls.  I can say from experience that the language we use about and around girls affects them deeply, and the negative connotations of this word as opposed to the positive ones we give to little boys with similar traits (‘a leader’, ‘strong’) affect girls’ self esteem, their confidence, their performance in school, their desire for leadership roles, the list goes on and on.  And I’d like to think that like Bey, I’m not bossy, I’m THE BOSS.


Although I have to admit, every time I hear the word ‘bossy’, I start singing this:

Which is the only acceptable way to use the word bossy around me, and is a MAJOR earworm, as are all Kelis songs.  You’re WELCOME for getting it in your head for the next 24 hours!

Another sparkly thing I acquired this week is one of Sephora’s new Liquid Crystals polishes in their Formula X line, a weird beauty of a polish called Borealis (buy it here) that I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with.  You all know how many polishes I see on a daily basis, so you know it’s rare that I come across one that makes me do a double-take.  This baby is intense, with the base being a deep olive green, but the shimmer ranging from lime green to a rich gold.  It shines like crazy, even without topcoat, but let’s be honest, a little Seche Vite makes it even more amazing.  I have gotten more compliments on this color than I have in a while, which is odd because green nail polish isn’t exactly a crowd pleaser in general, but you GUYS.  It’s the prettiest toxic sludge you’ll ever rock on your nails.  It’s grunge glam.  It’s STUPID AWESOME.  Just look!


I’m pumped to try the other color I have in this line, Equinox, which will hopefully be just as awesome.  I’ll keep you all posted!

Finally, amid the madness and sparkliness of this week is the birthday of THIS smokeshow I call my husband.


Happy birthday, you old man!  Feel free to tweet him your birthday wishes, awkward family photos, science facts, random memes and gifs, cat videos, etc to flood his feed and generally make him nuts.  He’ll love it, I swear.  *evil cackle*

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