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What’s goin’ on (what’s goin’ on) what’s goin’ on?

Oh, hey, everybody!  Fancy meeting you here.  I’m back after a pretty wild week, keeping you abreast (teehee, I can’t help but laugh whenever I say that, I think Tom is rubbing off on me) on what’s been shakin’ since last we spoke.  Mom came for an impromptu visit, which is always awesome, but Mom coming means Tara cleaning like a CRAZY PERSON and it also meant I had to put away the Christmas stuff, which is always the MOST depressing day of the year.  Guh.


It’s even festive when it’s being shoved in a box!  You’ll be missed, Christmas. *single tear*

Anyway, Mom and I did a whole lot of shopping, a whole lot of hanging out and watching movies, and a LOT of eating.  Unfortunately, I was under the weather for a good bit of the trip, but we made sure she ate if nothing else!  She wanted steak, we took her to our favorite place, St. Anselm, which is completely worth the 2 hour wait in the freezing cold – good LAWD those steaks are delicious.  She wanted cheesecake, we got some.  And on the last night, she was really craving some BBQ, so where else would we take her but smoke heaven Fette Sau?  Dudes.  Your hair and coat may reek of smoke when you leave, but that’s just a delicious reminder of the leftovers you’re bringing home to smash into your face later.  And the baked beans, OH the baked beans…


SO GOOD.  You know what else is so good?  This ad Tom and I spotted on the train the other day.  I think those are GREAT reasons to move!  Obvi, because they were ALL reasons for us.  To the neighborhood they listed.  Without movers, because we’re poor.  Now THAT’S a true hipster move!


I mean, honestly, good indie music, great organic local food, comfy flannels and moto boots and Converse?  We hipsters know what’s good, if you ask me.  Hate all you want, you’re just JELLY!  RAWR!  Haha – speaking of hipsters, I call my bestie Auddy the O.H. (original hipster) because bitch has known about EVERYTHING before ANYONE knew about ANYTHING since we became attached at the hip in high school.  ‘Oh, hey, Audrey, have you heard this song from this band?’  ‘Yep.  10 years ago.’  ‘Aud, what’s up with this book I heard so-and-so talking about?’  ‘*sigh*  TARA.  I TOLD you about it 6 months ago.  It sucks.’  Tom comes home with some really pretty roses for me and I put them in a vase and coo over them until there’s a knock at the door and BOOM.


Oh, you know, because she worked for a florist a few years when she was younger and just knows what to ask for, NBD.  YOUGUYZ, this thing is like 4 feet tall!  With every kind of flower I can think of and covered in GLITTER!  She’s better than you at EVERYTHING.  Oh, and now on top of everything else she’s getting into shopping and makeup and girly stuff, which leaves me exactly NOTHING to contibute to our friendship… JK.  I love you, Auddy, and your coolness, and am not at all jealous.  Really.

One good thing about being stuck at home feeling like crap is the free time available for manicures!  Mom and I were sporting some seriously chic digits all week, hers in Deborah Lippmann Careless Whisper and mine in a one-off mani in Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Tarred and Butter London Fiver, since I couldn’t decide between the two.  Whaddyathink?


The morning Mom left, we were craving some comfort food so we hit up a spot I’d been hearing about for some time now, Waffle and Wolf, to see if it lived up to the foodie hype.  ZOMG.  It did.  The whole idea is waffle sandwiches, which in itself sounds amazing, right?  But then they have all of these crazy delish combos, savory and sweet, like Tom’s smoked salon, lemon dill caper cream cheese, spinach and red onion stuffed cornbread waffle (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) and my peanut butter, banana, and homemade caramel filled buckwheat waffle with bacon baked in.  BACON.  BAKED INTO THE WAFFLE.  Along with some righteous coffee, this made for a hell of a breakfast!



Just writing about those things makes me want to go get more… SO GOOD.

And now, I present to you the first installment of THE HUSBAND CORNER.  Tom’s a little shy, so we’ll start his first contribution off and wrap it up with one very ‘Tom’ meme for now…


Yep.  Sorry, Tom!  LOVE YOU!

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  1. Emily Cabana on said:

    xoxoxo love reading all these!

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