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A Poor Betch’s Shopping Lament. *cue tiny violins*

I want to SHOP.  Like, RIGHT NOW.  I tend to get something in my head that I ‘need’ for the season, like a good black ankle bootie or something basic, but lately I’ve got a rather long rotating list shuffling through my head of things I ‘NEED’.  Note the fact that I keep putting it in quotes, because dude, I don’t need anything.  For reals.  My bedroom is basically a walk in closet.  So I tend to obsess over one (or many) items, scour the internet for good deals on it for weeks to get an idea of what’s out there and for what price, search endlessly for it in every sale section in every Loehmann’s, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Century 21, and if that fails, go back to the obsessive internet searching until I find the holy grail.  But right now, after moving, we have NADA DINERO, so I’m doing all of the searching and none of the buying, which is terribly anticlimactic… So I figure if I put it on the good ol’ bloggity bloggersons, it’s more of a commitment to finding a super good deal and actually buying this stuff.  So here’s my fall gotta-get-it list!

1.  Pointy Leopard Print Flats

I mean, honestly, I can’t believe I don’t already have them.  Leopard print is an obsession of mine, as are so-pointy-it’s-dangerous flats, so it’s kind of a no brainer!  The ideal pair is Valentino’s Rockstud at $800:

valentinorockstud copy

But let’s get real.  Shit ain’t gonna happen.  The reality is looking more like the Schutz Igy on sale for $89.99, cheaper but still studded and dead sexy:

schutzigy copy

2.  A Bright, Leather Everyday Crossbody Bag

I love my Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Percy in yummy black leather, I do.  It was my first everyday not-gigantic bag, and I got an amazing deal on it at a GOODWILL on the Upper West Side (only in NYC), but I wear it 24/7 and I am craving some COLOR.  My gut says red.  Classic, goes with just about anything in my wardrobe, and it’ll match my lipstick 75% of the time.  But there are a few curveballs that have really caught my eye that I can’t decide between, all of which are good deals – HELP!

This is the Treesje Armor in Persimmon – not quite RED red, but gorg leather, great biker details, nice size, and an amazing deal at $119.99:

treesje copy

I love me some Rebecca Minkoff, but this color whispers to me THIS IS A TREND AND I WILL LOOK PASSE IN 2 MONTHS and YOU LIKE CRAZY COLORS NO MATTER WHAT’S IN STYLE BUY ME simultaneously, which makes it hard to decide.  Great deal on the 5-Zip Clutch, too, at $117.99, I’ve almost pulled the trigger about 3 times this past week:

rebeccaminkoff copy

And the third choice is a pretty color, a good size, and nice leather, but the design is a bit simple, almost schoolbag-like, and not generally up my alley, but maybe that’s a GOOD thing, right?  Change it up?  And it’s less trendy, so it’ll be wearable longer, which is good.  It’s also called the Duane Street bag by IIIBeCa Joy Gryson, which is funny because I work on the street it’s named for, and it’s on sale at Bloomies for $110.60:

joygryson copy


3.  Crystal Chandelier Earrings

So, truly, the entire idea behind my style is to wear super casual clothes (generally skinny jeans and a vintage rock tee) and then kill ’em with accessories.  I have vintage rhinestone necklaces, higher end crystal bracelets and rings by Kenneth Jay Lane and Janis Savitt, and my diamond stud earrings Tom gave me a million years ago, but I don’t have a pair of killer rhinestone chandelier earrings.  Like, Erickson Beamon/Tom Binns style SHOWSTOPPERS.  Blingy, dangly, and perfect to rock with torn jeans and a tee.  NEED.  I dream of something like this $1,595 Ippolita pair:

ippolita copy

But I’ll totally be cool with a slightly less modern but super classic and way more affordable $82 Baublebar pair:

baublebar copy

Buuuuuut I wish I could have both.  For reals.

This is all to say that in the end, shopping truly is a sport.  It’s my pleasure, sometimes my fleeting pain, and Tom is sick of hearing about it, just as I am sick of hearing about Apple products and baseball.  That’s love, though, right?  Even when it’s not easy, you hang in there.  I’m totally still talking about my husband right now.

I swear.  😉

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