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This week’s OBSESSIONS.

So amidst the cray cray days I’ve been having recently, there are some products that have been LITERALLY getting me through intact, happy, and remotely attractive. I HAVE to share them with you all, because if they work for me, they’ve got to help someone else out.  Share and share alike, right?  So without further ado, on to the good shit!


Full disclosure:  I cannot afford this product.  But for those of you who can, for those who can afford the smaller size, if you can get a sample or a similar product, or be lucky as I am and have a sample bottle always sitting within two feet of your desk, OMG.  It’s like a cup of coffee for your face – wakes you up and refreshes, energizes, and moisturizes your skin.  And it smells like heaven!  Spritz it right on top of your makeup and BOOM.  Amazing.  I love it.

tataharper copy

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence – $85 for 125ml


Now I may be way off base here, but in my head, no matter how haggard I look or feel, a swipe of great bright lipstick and I’m out the door feeling like I can handle anything and anyone.  On days where I am nonstop from the salon to running errands to happy hour to dinner with Tom, my lipstick’s gotta LAST.  This is that lipstick.  How good is it?  I wore it on my wedding day.  Case in point.


Seriously.  It was made for Madonna’s MDNA tour, would you think it would be anything less than fabulous?  And the color is truly iconic.  Eat, drink, make out, work, get married, whatever.  It’ll be there and look fab.  BUY IT.

aquarouge copy

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in Iconic Red – $24


Ah, dry shampoo.  My everything.  I have the world’s finest, limpest hair.  I know, I know, you curly haired girls hate me for not even owning a flatiron, but hey, I hate YOU for having such gorg texture, and so many more options when it comes to styling, and…  Anyway.  Dry shampoo gives me the volume and texture I crave, and allows me to wash my hair way less than I used to, which has made my hair a billion times happier, shinier, and softer.  Have I mentioned I love it?  When it comes down to it, I have two go-tos.  My everyday, never without it, travel size in my purse, completely necessary for life one?

dryshampoo copy

Tresemme Volumizing Dry Shampoo – $5.49

And my dry shampoo for SUPER big, sexy, rockin hair for those days you just feel like bringing out your inner Pat Benatar/Joan Jett/whomever your inner rock goddess is?


Got 2b Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder – $6.49


And finally, my love, my everything…  My mascara.  Call it overhyped, call it whatever you like, but it’s famous for a reason.  Diorshow mascara is THE. BEST. MASCARA. OF. ALL. TIME.  Now, I have my specific preference within the Dior mascara range, the Black Out, for super volume, crazy length, and a deep, velvety, rich black.  Some women want a less dramatic, softer mascara for day in a nice brown so as not to over do it, but when it comes to most things with me, I say TURN UP THE VOLUME TO 11.  This gives me lashes that don’t need falsies – every day.  BUY THIS and reap the benefits that come from batting your amazing lashes and getting EVERYTHING YOU WANT.  Okay, maybe not everything.  But it makes you feel gorgeous, which is a win in itself.  Seriously guys.  Try it.

diorshow copy

Dior Diorshow Black Out Mascara – $25


Hopefully some of them can help you beauties get through your madness, too – let me know if any of these help, and share your own tips and tricks!  This bitch needs ALL of the help she can get.  See you all next week!  Love!

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