all sparkly and shit

Who runs the nail salon?! TARA!

Guess what?

I got a shiny new job!  Woohoo!

So to celebrate my new position – manager at (IMHO) the best nail salon in Manhattan – I needed a new mani!  Something bright to keep me smiling while I’m fumbling and nervous at a job I don’t really feel comfortable at yet, something that makes me hate waking up early a little less (notttttt a morning person), something that when I attempted to use my sewing machine for the first time this morning and failed in epic proportions kept me from HULK SMASH-ing everything in sight out of sheer rage.  That color, my beauties, is the afore-mentioned Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Anime.  Yes, I have the nail color too.  Duh.


I call this kind of polishing technique a window mani.  I’m not sure if that’s something I made up or if someone else did, but I love the fact that it’s a little bit of detail without getting super nail art crazy, something that makes your mani different while keeping it simple, silly.  Of course, your cuticles need to be in order, but aren’t our cuticles alllllways perfect anyway?!  (HA.)  This look can be achieved two ways – I use a brush dipped in the polish to paint the curve, polish normally above that line,  then apply topcoat.  An even easier way is to use those little stickers used to reinforce punched holes that you can get from any office supply store for super cheap.  On clean, dry nails, stick one over the base of each your nails, creating a ‘moon’ shape, press down firmly, and paint away!  Once the polish is juuuust tacky (don’t wait too long!) peel them off, let dry for a bit, slap on a topcoat, and BAM.  The easiest nail fabulosity ever!  You WILL get compliments.  Which is always nice.  Especially when you’re messing up everything at your new job, getting lost in the computer system, not knowing any of the 20 manicurists’ names, and trying valiantly to not LOOK like you’re totally confused to the fabulous customers arriving every minute.  At least my nails look cute(?!?!???!?!?)

spidermandesk copy

Okay.  I’m not that bad.  But honestly, how AWKWARD is it starting a new job?  SO AWKS.  Guh.

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