all sparkly and shit

This week’s been CRAY.

So EVERYTHING happened this week.  Really.

Okay.  Not really.  But here’s some of the highlights for you lovelies!

I rocked a mani that focused on texture – glitter (weird, that never happens) versus matte.  I used Chanel Black Satin, regular old craft store glitter, and Obsessive Compulsive’s Flatline mattifying topcoat.  Can’t.  Stop.  Staring.  At.  Hands.


It was a billion degrees in the city this weekend, and I was reminded of how effing gross I look and feel when it’s this hot.  It so awkward when people go in for the hug right after I walk into the restaurant from the sauna outside, and before I can warn them, they get an armful of sweat.  My sweat.  And I see the ‘ick’ on their face, and I immediately want to die of shame/move to Antarctica.  And then I wait in the subway stop for my train home dripping and miserable to go home and take the second shower of the day and I’m all…

nychot2 copy

Daniel and I went to the gay bar and made bad choices in the worlds of liquor and karaoke.  Which NEVER HAPPENS.


I bought this muscle tee because… yeah!  And it shows off the tats.  But mostly because of its hardcore truth telling.

notallthose copy

Peeber got a new toy that holds catnip.  He hates catnip.  Obviously.


Candice and Nick got engaged – bring on the BLING PORN!


And on a day that I really, really needed a laugh, my lovely friend Julie cracked me up with THIS:


BOOM.  See you next week!

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One thought on “This week’s been CRAY.

  1. Never happens…NEVER! Of course, they always seem like GREAT choices at the time. What an awesome night nonetheless!!

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