all sparkly and shit

Cleveland Rocks.

And here are some of the reasons why:

The best beer EVAH.  In the airport.  Right next to the gates, of which there are only around 6, in a shiny, clean, updated, uncrowded airport full of smiling, helpful, polite people.


Suck it, LaGuardia.

The Cleveland Clinic, one of the best hospitals in the world and the place that saved my Mama’s life, that also boasts a pimp ass roof deck from which you can see our tiny beloved skyline.


Somebody throw an epic party up here, stat!

Batting cages.  Indoor, cheap, and there’s always one available, or a nice Ohioan (sensing a theme here?) that will let you trade off turns on theirs.  With a bar attached.


Check out the form on this guy!  SWING IT TOM!

Cheap drinks (sensing another theme?) at amazing old man dive bars full of jolly drunk people, elbow room, and bowling machines and un-ironic, just old video games that don’t cost fifteen dollars or have a billion hipsters skulking around them waiting for their turn.


See?  The drinks in Cleveland REALLY work.

The world’s most adorable distillery and bar, in a red barn, miles away from mostly everything, with amazing handmade cocktails that cost next to nothing.  No swarms of people, friendly bartenders, and their own whiskey and rye.  YES.



Say ‘Whiskey’, Todd!

A designated driver’s hop skip and jump down the road, an old church converted into an almost disgustingly adorable winery – pews and all.


Hallelujah!  If these places were in Manhattan you wouldn’t be able to get NEAR them!

Epic, uncrowded, small Soundgarden (and a million other) concerts.  Okay, technically this was in Shitsburgh, but despite the rivalry, the two cities are basically alike.  (I am going to get major shit for saying that.)


See my boyfriend Chris there in the middle?  Don’t tell Tom.

Blue skies, fresh air, and family.


And that was just one visit!  Come ON, this place ROCKS.

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