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The 2013 Met Gala and what it taught me

ZOMG.  I knew that this year’s Met Costume Institute gala was going to slay me, due to the theme (‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’ for those who aren’t as nerdy about such things as I am), but I can’t tell you how inspired much of it has have left me.  Por ejemplo…

Style lesson #1: Taking sartorial risks is always much more chic in black.

dakota copy   jennifer copy   flo copy

Dakota’s tattoo-inspired wing appliques, a birdcage veil on Jennifer Lawrence, and Florence’s floor length leather fringe cape?  Tricky.  In black?  Edgy, sleek, and crazy sexy.


Style lesson #2: Don’t be afraid to have fun with your accessories.

lsd copy   debbie copy   sarahandjennifer copy

LSD layering diamonds and a studded choker on top of a fishnet body stocking with aplomb, Debbie Harry killing it in Ray Bans, diamonds on top of diamonds, studded booties, sparkling clutch, a ridiculous cocktail ring, and a hat that somehow makes wearing an octopus on your head awesome, and my BFF in my head Jennifer Lawrence seemingly really enjoying my imaginary favorite aunt Sarah Jessica Parker’s insane mohawk headpiece.  Lesson?  Don’t save that special piece for an occasion.  Throw it on with some jeans and a tee and your best ‘I’m rocking this’ swagger, and go forth and conquer.


Style lesson #3: Stop shying away from beauty risks.

Carla copy   dark lip copy   jenhair copy   dhflashback copy

Suuuuper smoky eyes on Cara Delevingne, dark lips on my girl Rooney Mara, a pompadour on Jen – I love them.  I should at least try them.  (Maybe just not all at once.)  And this liquid eyeliner and red lip look on Anja Rubik that I always do, but done with a sleek twist I never thought of?  Pure Debbie Harry 70’s fierceness.  I always think I need to look ‘pretty’, to keep a certain baseline of normalcy, especially for my husband.  Then I take risks, and he loves it, not because of the look itself as much as the attitude that comes with me trying something new and lovvvvvvving it.  Throw caution to the wind!  Life is short!  Wear a plum lip!


In the end, I am crazy inspired by the women (and men) who had the cojones to take the risks on the red carpet, and vow to get out of my comfort zone and get fearless on my own personal (foul smelling) red carpet, the sidewalks of the city.  I realize this specific type of fashion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we all have a few things in their closet or ideas in their head they’re a liiiiiiittle afraid to wear, for whatever reason.  Quit it.  Put it on.  So if I stomp past you someday wearing something ridiculous, high five me, okay?  I’ll do the same for you.

And so, my beautiful friends, I leave you with one of my queens of the evening, clearly wearing exactly what she wants and owning it, whether you like it or not.  Role model, anyone?  YOU BETTA WORK, ZANDRA!  *high five*

zandra copy

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