all sparkly and shit



So… I take mega awkward selfies (as you can see!) but I had to show you guys how amazing this lippie really is, even on super pale chicks like me.  I’m talking about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tar, and although I am in love with this product in general, Anime is the SHIT.  In the bottle, the color is intimidating…

anime copy

but HAVE FAITH.  A lip brush is a must – just a teeny drop covers your entire mouth, because it is so intensely pigmented – and use extreme caution as to where it goes, because you are not getting this color out of anything.  Including your shirt.  Which I learned the hard way.  Anyway.  Brush it on carefully, and make sure to blot well afterward (because if you forget feathering WILL happen) and check yourself OUT with this gorgeous neon pink Barbie lip!  It brightens your face, is so suprisingly wearable and flattering to every skin tone I’ve tried it on (and I’ve put it on most of my friends), has a gorgeous silky matte finish, lasts FOREVER, and the teeny (affordable!) bottle will last you forever because you only need a teeny bit each wear.  Amazing amazing amazing.  Amazing.  AMAZING!

P.S.  Speaking of obsessions…


This whiskey,  (It tastes like pancakes.  PANCAKES.  AND WHISKEY.  ‘Nuff said)


this video of my boyfriend Dave Grohl,


he who does not copy

and this quote shared with me by my bestie Aud.  Whom I have always been obsessed with.


Until next time, live long and wear neon pink lipstick, lovelies!





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3 thoughts on “BEST. LIP. COLOR. EVER.

  1. waterproof eye makeup remover may get the stain out of your shirt. You take a lovely pic!

  2. I love your face and LOVE this lip color! I have to get my hands on it, girlfriend.

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