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Craft store mani MADNESS

So everyone who knows me knows that I am a crafter at heart.  My young years were filled with puffy painting sweatshirts, cross stitching, hot glue guns, and the like.  My mom and I would go shopping and when I would fall in love with something that was way too expensive, she always said, “We could make thaaaaaaat!”  Then we’d run to the craft store, buy a bunch of stuff, recreate things the best we could, and I would strut to school rocking my mom couture, sneering at those poor souls who didn’t have the creativity we did and just wore Abercrombie hoodies every day.  Looking back, I’m pretty sure I was getting sneered at with my weirdo outfits and homemade accessories, but that’s another blog post entirely…  Yeahhhhhh.  To this day, I try to recreate what I can’t afford, with some success and plenty of failure.  I was recently wandering around a craft store, having just left Sephora, looking through the aisles of things I can’t afford, and honestly, craft stores are not exactly a hotbed of chic.  However, there I was, and holy crap!  You know these Ciate specialty manicure kits?

Ciaté-Caviar-Manicure-Blackvelvetnails copyciatesequin copy

Yeahhhhhhh… $25 isn’t exactly an affordable price to pay for a home manicure, no matter how super cool it is.  But wait!  Ms. Sparklyandshit has an extremely affordable solution from Michaels!  THE SCRAPBOOKING AISLE!  BOOM!!!


I used microbeads on my thumb, middle finger, and pinkie, glitter on my pointer finers, and embossing powder on my ring finger.  Not bad, huh?  It’s so easy!  Just paint on a matching polish as a base, dip into the product of your choice, and slap on a topcoat (on the microbeads only, of course not the embossing powder, and I think the glitter would have looked way better without the topcoat, lesson learned) – DONE for a quarter of the price, and the options for colors are endless!  Once I figured this out, oh, girl, the POSSIBILITIES!  Check it out!


Thanks for the craftiness, mom!




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2 thoughts on “Craft store mani MADNESS

  1. Cathy Teschke on said:

    You are welcome Tara. By the way… Who came up with all those crazy ideas for dance costumes and then who executed them?

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