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The Summer Of…

Amongst all of the “Ooooh!  Warm weather!  Drinks on the patio, short shorts, pastels!” crap, all of which I hate (except for the drinks – even if they have to be outside and not in the AC), I must tell you all the truth.  Brace yourselves…


With a passion.  Feel free to judge!  But honestly, the sweltering, stinky, sticky summers in NYC push me to the brink of sanity.  I stomp around the city, in the billion degree subway stops, sweating off my makeup, armpit sweat stains growing bigger by the minute, mopping off my brow with my old man handkerchief, unable to stop sweating from my workout THREE HOURS AGO even though I took an ice cold shower afterward and then stood in front of one of our two window ACs for 15 minutes trying to cool off enough to put on my foundation, et cetera.  Seriously, I hate summer.  Give me the Cleveland winters of my childhood, pink noses and cozy sweaters and snowflakes on eyelashes…  I look way cuter in the winter.  But the summer is an inevitable part of life in this city, and my best attempt to find some happy amongst the sweat-soaked handkerchiefs in my purse is what I call “The Summer Of…”  I like to pick an aesthetic I am excited about as the weather starts to get warmer and I feel the summer looming, something different, something I can SHOP FOR!  I’ve done The Summer Of The Pinup, complete with victory rolls, a red lip, and rockabilly style.  I have never felt sexier, and I still rock a pinup updo now and then.  I’ve done a hippie summer, a punk rock summer, and for this impending 6 month heat wave, I have one particular fabulous woman in mind – Stevie Nicks.  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Summer Of Stevie!




Lace, maxis, bell sleeves, tons of necklaces and stacks of bracelets, wide leg pants and platforms, halters, wild, natural hair…  Long, nude nails.  Earthy makeup with an emphasis on the eye.  Tons of attitude.  I am SO PUMPED.

I’ve already snapped up a few items, my favorites so far being this Leifsdottir ‘Hera’ feather print kimono I got a crazy great deal on…


And this wide-but-not-too-wide-leg and super affordable ‘Artist’ jean from AE…


To be worn with a super slim halter top and these super comfy Kork-Ease wedges.


With a nude silky tank, layers and layers of turquoise jewelry, and tousled hair, I’m getting there, and I am SO feeling the sexy, 70’s boho rocker vibe.  Now I just need to find enough of the inner Stevie in me to find the perfect top hat and ROCK IT.

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